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  • How To Get Google Adwords Certification

    How To Get Google Adwords Certification? The Google AdWords Certification makes you professionally compatible and is usually taken by people who are already acquainted with the fundamental and advanced features of AdWords. In fact, this certification offers you the recognition of being identified as an expert when it comes to online advertisements as far as […]

  • How To Get Bing Certification?

    How To Get Bing Certification? Before getting into the details of acquiring a Bing certification, it is good to address the importance of this accredited program. The presence of Bing is undeniable in the world of search engine marketing and becoming an accredited professional takes you a step ahead among your competitors. As a matter […]

  • How to become Google Analytics certified

    How To Become Google Analytics Certified? Google Analytics certification intends to make users of AdWords and Analytics acquire more knowledge and know their full potential. How important is it to get acquainted with this new program or certification? If you are already using Analytics, it is good to acquire more expertise by taking a course […]

  • How To Become Google AdWords Certified Professional?

    The Google AdWords certification program intends to test the practices that are followed in the world of online advertising. Broadly speaking, you become acquainted with the following topics when you take the examination for getting this certification: Setting up and managing ad campaigns Tactics of optimization Different aspects of measurement and advertising on the internet […]

  • 3 Tips to find Cyber criminal on your site and also a Tips to fix and prevention from it

    You might not think your site is in eyes of hackers, do not amaze on that because it is common. Large number of hackers is waiting to exploit the entire site which is available on server.

    On regular basis, cyber criminals are waiting to compromise thousands of websites. We often do not recognize because hacks are hidden from users and it will harmful for site owner as well as page visitor.

    One common tactics they use to hack the site is, redirecting your site link to any fake website. By this way they take advantage from your customer. If you diagnose that your sites has been hacked by hackers then fix your site problem as soon as possible.

  • 13 Advices For Content Marketing

    Every ones childhood life is very interesting because in childhood no one worry about the future. Have you ever thought about this? Reason is our parents because they always take care of us like what we eat? What we wear? What we think? And at parallel they teach how to tackle the situation.

    Special our mother cares a lot about us, many times she teach universal lesson which is applicable to nearly every situation, including marketing. Here are 13 things our mother likely said, when you relate her advice with content marketing then you feel she was always right.

    1. Are you wearing that?
    If you relate this advice with marketing than she meant “is this appropriate?”
    Basically that word is considering the visualization because appearance matter, design matter & consistency matters. If you have financial issue and you cannot afford graphic designer then use website template so that your work looks professional.

  • Why Google Plus Is Important For Your Business

    When a person starts an online business then he or she approach business blog to promote the business and on regular basis he or she posts at least 1 blog a week, and link the post to the social media pages.  Like if you are social networking butterfly then you update you Facebook, Tweeting on Twitter, linking up on LinkedIn and posting attractive pictures on Pinterest, but you forgot about Google plus. Google+ plays very important role in social media, if you skip G+ then your business will unable to get good rank.

    Google plus is receiving immense popularity at International level and everyone is talking about it, now it becomes online marketing techniques.

  • Learn SEO Course And Start Better Career


    Digital Marketing Education Academy (DMEA) is a hub of SEO Trainers where you can gain knowledge of advance SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a key to reach on top of Google’s website.

    As we all are aware the current scenario of the web world where getting top rank of a website is not possible without proper promotion of that site and in order to achieve good ranking in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. Online Marketing Companies prefer SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Now a days SEO has become an important part of internet marketing which is a great tool to generate traffic towards the website and to improve the websites performance to achieve your marketing objectives online.