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  • Google Plus: Assess Your Prominence On G+ Through Its New Page View Counter

    In entice to widen G+ popularity; Google is coming up with yet another feature which views counter  which would show you the total number of views spawn on your profile, posts or photos. Being ingenious! I guess this update would shrug off the ghost-town labeling of Google+. Here, you will be seeing the sum of views generating since October 2012.

    Though Google has not made any official announcement about the change, but, yes, it purely let somebody see how many times, his/her profile has been perceived by other people in network. This reconsideration is a part of boosting activities on this esteemed social platform just like Twitter which have already been experimented by launching number of views on tweets.

  • Facebook: Now Video Ads Would Be Enthralling Facebook Viewers

    It’s an awesome saying, “A Picture Paints A Thousand Words”. If it’s true then, what would be your verdict about videos? I feel somewhat they are supposed to be more communicative than pictures. Eagerly, if I affix Facebook Ads with videos, won’t it be an awesome blend guys, predominantly for advertisers. How? Let me illuminate.

    We all are witnesses of seeing Facebook as a doozy social media platform engaging billions of audiences.  It has been amusing all its users through its thriving social sharing traits. It’s also being a huge platform for advertisers to endorse various products & services through different types of ads & its pretty much hassle free to locate targeted audience on Facebook as well.

  • Google Adwords: New-Fangled Bulk Linking Trait With Sole Analytics Account

    Most of Google Adwords marketers have been in the same boat since to analyze visitor flow of multiple Adwords account was unfeasible with single Analytics account. When someone had many Adwords accounts to handle, it was really weighty to have a deep assessment of all the accounts. Therefore, to judge the efficacy of accounts was not a dime a dozen.

    That’s why in subsequent weeks, Google is coming up with an amazing process. It’s about a new linking process of all of your Google Adwords accounts under a MCC (My Client Center) account with that of a single Analytics property. Thereby, Google Adwords users would be able to have profound insights of their ad campaigns through Google Analytics. Means, overview of visitors’ traffic to your website through multiple Adwords account would be by far scrutinized through an Analytics account.,/p>

  • Google Adwords: Let’s Detain Several Upbeat Results From Negative Keywords

    It’s pretty distressing when you don’t comprehend & things often walk off out of your control. Same thing happens with lots of PPC campaign makers when they look at the Search Query Reports (SQR) & get traumatized at the cringe keywords depleting their account.  I too have one of the guilty-pleasures. Once, I saw lots of keywords in SQR which actually entailed nothing the for campaign.

    For that reason, I thought, it’s imperative to boast list of negative keywords for your ad campaign preventing your ads to appear on SERPs when search queries contain desired keywords but are followed by undesired terms not apt for your website or business.

    Having negative keyword list is vital for any of the PPC campaigns & one should possess an entire list of negative keywords. People are often concerned with more conversions & higher clicks but they don’t even bother to mention negative keywords which are obligatory to efficiently run an Adwords campaign.

  • Online Reputation Management: Essential For Online Dignity Of A Business

    Online Reputation Management
    Maintaining reviews, ratings & comments is often pervasive in search marketing process but Online Reputation Management (ORM) is much more important than this & can exert wider impact on dignity of website or business.

    ORM is basically a managing process through which company manages the criticisms, complaints or other issues arising from customers or users related to company’s products or services. It’s pretty much common to have issues with customers. But it depends on the company how to react to issues either by ignoring it or by taking a stand & resolving the issue through any of the possible ways.

    Thus, before the customer approaches the public forum or takes any of the legal steps, be prepared & plan well in advance to tackle any of the criticisms & satisfy the customer swiftly & effectively.

  • Google Adwords: A Rigorous Analysis Of Quality Score VS CTR & Other Variables

    Google Adwords is predominantly engrossed by Quality score. If I say, whole PPC process revolves around Quality score, I guess nobody will disagree with me. Lot of variables like Ad position, CPC (cost per click) bids, CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) & CPM (Cost Per Impressions) rely on Quality Score (QS). Before I go further, let’s […]

  • SEO: Unbelievable Guide To Digital Marketing Trends To Pursue In 2014

    The digital marketing scenario is varying persistently. Every year lot of algorithm updates, fresh tools & tech upgrades have been revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape in diverse manners. Marketers would have to shift from traditional & obsolete marketing tactics to new marketing trends to confront the vigorous & competitive environment.

    Therefore, intensive apprehension is required in 2014 while exerting digital marketing for your business. To extract finest results from SEO practices, I am going to mention below some tips & tools to foster search marketing as well as social media promotion & several practices to be evaded by marketers in 2014 to take your business to a new horizon.