Tips For Making Alluring Facebook Video Ads

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It’s an awesome saying, “A Picture Paints A Thousand Words”. If it’s true then, what would be your verdict about videos? I feel somewhat they are supposed to be more communicative than pictures. Eagerly, if I affix Facebook Ads with videos, won’t it be an awesome blend guys, predominantly for advertisers. How? Let me illuminate.

We all are witnesses of seeing Facebook as a doozy social media platform engaging billions of audiences.  It has been amusing all its users through its thriving social sharing traits. It’s also being a huge platform for advertisers to endorse various products & services through different types of ads & its pretty much hassle free to locate targeted audience on Facebook as well.

Yet Facebook is coming up with new concept for advertisers which is ‘Autoplay Video Ads’. Soon video ads would be seen on billions of newsfeeds. Though viewers don’t like much ads on their panel but Facebook has a smart idea & it deems will ensure video ads are worth blissful.

Advertisers need not to worry at all as Facebook has drafted pretty well in advance that video ads would certainly reap benefits to marketers & will be liked by onlookers too.

Don’t Flee Off The Central Idea
Facebook Video ads would be playing only for 15 seconds, smaller duration than even TV ads. So, I would urge you to keep focused on the essence of the subject matter. Use your loaf; make short videos playable within 15 seconds & as far-fetched as eye catcher to audiences. In essence, ads should be hilarious as well as consequential to attain viewers’ attention.

Soundless Video Playing
As there can be many likelihoods of ad rejections by viewers. Facebook has tried to overcome this issue by adding Auto Play feature & sound-free video playing. Rationale is to not avert users scrolling through newsfeed. If they find it fascinating, by clicking on it they would be able to watch it with sound. Isn’t it cool like the previous Facebook features that we are experiencing until now?

Don’t Illustrate TV Ads As Video Ads
Using TV ads for Facebook video ads is not at all a smart tactic. Learn how Facebook video ads are unique in their style & calls for outfitted expertise to put into. Reusing content is not an intellectual idea for success. Thus, I insist you to comprehensively go through the Facebook rules for video ads for making unique videos to foster your campaign.

Share Enthralling Videos
While scrolling through newsfeed, ads would automatically start playing. So, it’s predominant to showcase the essence of your ad in first 15 second to grab users’ attention & that’s why I think you should work on the beginning of ads. If it’s sizzling, users would undoubtedly perceive it.

As discussed above, video length is supposed to be confined to 15 seconds. Cut to the chase by doing an attempt & demonstrate an idea in succinct approach. Try not to muddle multiple ideas in a single ad. Work on a solo idea for a finicky ad & if you have manifold ideas, then u can shoot an additional video ad.

Next step is to sponsor your video ad post on Facebook Fan Page. By doing this you can hastily drive immense traffic to your post & in turn towards your website as well. It’s cheap & can compel rewarding results.


Video Ads Boost Revenues.

Choosing Targeted Viewers Is Pretty Easier
Facebook is a platform where you can predefine your targeted audiences as relative advertising is innate here & it is its potency as well. Pick appropriate categories to pitch your product or business & make sure your video is seen to masses.

Social Media Following Is Inherent
Bear in mind forever that you are running ads on a platform where people share their own & friends’ social lives. Advertising here needs an exceptional pitch. Your ad should fetch their interests. If ads are appealing to them, then only you can dig up healthier results & be capable to provoke them to visit your site. Precisely, it’s requisite to build relations through social following rather than just trying & making direct sales.

Last but not least, Facebook Video Ads will soon get aired on billions of newsfeed & each ad would be screened to a panel of 500 viewers to fetch their scores. Ad with higher scores will only be released on Facebook thereby, endowing users with refined outcomes.

Therefore, advertisers! Bite off more than you can chew! A brand innovative advertising dais is on your way at the drop of a hat.  Come & achieve all the nine yards.

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