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It’s pretty distressing when you don’t comprehend & things often walk off out of your control. Same thing happens with lots of PPC campaign makers when they look at the Search Query Reports (SQR) & get traumatized at the cringe keywords depleting their account.  I too have one of the guilty-pleasures. Once, I saw lots of keywords in SQR which actually entailed nothing the for campaign.

For that reason, I thought, it’s imperative to boast list of negative keywords for your ad campaign preventing your ads to appear on SERPs when search queries contain desired keywords but are followed by undesired terms not apt for your website or business.

Having negative keyword list is vital for any of the PPC campaigns & one should possess an entire list of negative keywords. People are often concerned with more conversions & higher clicks but they don’t even bother to mention negative keywords which are obligatory to efficiently run an Adwords campaign.

Significance of Negative Keywords
Appearance of ad on SERPs relies on relevancy of keywords as well as sound auction for bids & when a user puts a search query, he clicks on anything or anywhere on result page in a hunt of information. If audience is not interested in your business but still clicks on your ad, it can really be ruinous for your PPC budget. Isn’t it weird that your ad appears on the keywords related to those stipulated in campaign but not yet fascinating to audience?


How an ad is triggered?

Terribly, it’s just owing to lack of negative keywords in an ad group.  If, there are no negative keywords, ads begin to appear on irrelevant keywords. For instance, if a website is about SEO Training. The pertinent keywords would be SEO trailed by courses, classes, Institute & center etc. But if a user puts like ‘History of SEO’ or ‘What is SEO’ then ‘history’ & ‘what’ should be added in negative keywords list.

Recognizing Negative Keywords
Providentially, it’s not an intricate task to search for negative keywords. Here, I am with the ways to search for negative keywords.

Through Keyword Planner
While carrying out keywords research, you may encounter many keywords that are not worthy for your business. Whilst you can analyze by hand that what can be the probable negative keywords for your campaign.

negative keywords through keyword planner

Fetching Negative Keywords Through Keyword Planner

Look at the above screenshot & see if the keyword is SEO Training, the feasible negative keywords can be like free, what etc highlighted in red ellipse.

Through Search Terms Report
Exploring through search terms reports has deemed as an effective way to trigger negative keywords. One can swiftly review redundant keywords put as search queries by users. To sum up, a list of positive as well as negative keywords can be worked out from search terms. In below snapshot, red circled terms are negative with respect to SEO Training keyword.

negative keywords through serch terms

Fetching Negative Keywords Through Search Terms

Let’s Play In A Arty Style
Most of the paid search marketers tend to overlook the variety of ways that the keyword phrase can be put into use. Like a keyword phrase, besides only a business-specific keyword, can also be known as a song, movie, restaurant or something else, which is being searched by a user.

Subsequently, I believe, we should have to be imaginative enough too to fetch the fine set of negative keywords.

Some Vying Research Can Be Functional
Have a look on search results that appears on putting a search query. Among a herd of sheep, you can analyze, some results contain key terms unviable for your business but are outcomes of keywords congruent with your business. Hastily, pick those & put them in trash not letting them to deplete your budget. Therefore, if you find terms not fitting to your campaign, make a list of them & add to negative keywords.

negative keywords through serch terms

Fetching Keywords Through Search Terms

In above screenshot, for ‘SEO Training in Delhi’ negative keywords like news & information, Chennai, Vancouver can be easily analyzed.

Why Don’t Use A Negative Keyword Tool?
Thankfully! All the freshers to Adwords can have a sigh of relief as negative keyword tool is going to help out them a lot. It can solely make up a huge list of negative keywords. You just have to insert a keyword associated with your business & here you are with a sound lengthy list of negative search terms.

Such tools also let you scrutinize the common search terms across various sites including YouTube, Wikipedia etc. which could add to your negative keywords list. This tool, obviously, saves time & effort of our full of activity PPC campaigners.

Let’s Study How To Add Negative Keywords
I guess, you must have built up a long list of keywords through aforementioned methods. Next step would be to lay them in your ad campaign. Below are the steps through which you can add keywords to your account.

How To Add negative keywords

How To Add Negative Keywords

Inference Reaped From Above
Hopefully, you must have now got enough comprehensive knowledge about how to find & add negative keywords to your PPC accounts. Additionally, putting negative keywords can unquestionably lessen transaction costs thereby enhancing the ROI of a PPC campaign.

Fortuitously, it seems pretty awesome as lots of money can be saved by means of evaluating negative keywords. Hence, let’s begin today & get back thousands of dollars a year from Google.

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