The Google AdWords certification program intends to test the practices that are followed in the world of online advertising. Broadly speaking, you become acquainted with the following topics when you take the examination for getting this certification:

  • Setting up and managing ad campaigns
  • Tactics of optimization
  • Different aspects of measurement and advertising on the internet
  • Google is one of the most prominent and trusted brand globally. Thus, becoming an expert will help you get adequate exposure among your clients and enhance your demand as a working professional.
  • You need to take two examinations for becoming a qualified and certified individual as far as Google AdWords is concerned. While the basic examination has a time limit of one hundred and twenty minutes, it varies when you are taking the exams for specific components of internet advertisement.

Preparing for the examination
It is a good idea to get practical knowledge before taking the examination that makes you a certified AdWords professional. Prior knowledge of setting up and managing ad campaigns add to your expertise. However, it is necessary to go through the guides and study materials before taking the examinations and getting the required certification. In fact, you will get separate study materials or guides related to the mobile advertisement, search, video, and display advertisement on the internet.

Taking the examination
You have to sign up with Google Partners at first and know the procedures mentioned for taking this examination. For becoming an accredited professional in AdWords, you have to achieve a minimum score of 80, which is also called the passing course. However, if you are unable to get the required score, you can take the examination again after seven days. Taking the examination is not enough to become a certified professional in AdWords rather focusing on each aspect is more important to become a truly certified professional in online by following the necessary guidelines.