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  • 13 Advices For Content Marketing

    Every ones childhood life is very interesting because in childhood no one worry about the future. Have you ever thought about this? Reason is our parents because they always take care of us like what we eat? What we wear? What we think? And at parallel they teach how to tackle the situation.

    Special our mother cares a lot about us, many times she teach universal lesson which is applicable to nearly every situation, including marketing. Here are 13 things our mother likely said, when you relate her advice with content marketing then you feel she was always right.

    1. Are you wearing that?
    If you relate this advice with marketing than she meant “is this appropriate?”
    Basically that word is considering the visualization because appearance matter, design matter & consistency matters. If you have financial issue and you cannot afford graphic designer then use website template so that your work looks professional.

  • Why Google Plus Is Important For Your Business

    When a person starts an online business then he or she approach business blog to promote the business and on regular basis he or she posts at least 1 blog a week, and link the post to the social media pages.  Like if you are social networking butterfly then you update you Facebook, Tweeting on Twitter, linking up on LinkedIn and posting attractive pictures on Pinterest, but you forgot about Google plus. Google+ plays very important role in social media, if you skip G+ then your business will unable to get good rank.

    Google plus is receiving immense popularity at International level and everyone is talking about it, now it becomes online marketing techniques.

  • Google Adwords: A Rigorous Analysis Of Quality Score VS CTR & Other Variables

    Google Adwords is predominantly engrossed by Quality score. If I say, whole PPC process revolves around Quality score, I guess nobody will disagree with me. Lot of variables like Ad position, CPC (cost per click) bids, CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) & CPM (Cost Per Impressions) rely on Quality Score (QS). Before I go further, let’s […]

  • SEO: Unbelievable Guide To Digital Marketing Trends To Pursue In 2014

    The digital marketing scenario is varying persistently. Every year lot of algorithm updates, fresh tools & tech upgrades have been revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape in diverse manners. Marketers would have to shift from traditional & obsolete marketing tactics to new marketing trends to confront the vigorous & competitive environment.

    Therefore, intensive apprehension is required in 2014 while exerting digital marketing for your business. To extract finest results from SEO practices, I am going to mention below some tips & tools to foster search marketing as well as social media promotion & several practices to be evaded by marketers in 2014 to take your business to a new horizon.

  • Learn SEO Course And Start Better Career


    Digital Marketing Education Academy (DMEA) is a hub of SEO Trainers where you can gain knowledge of advance SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a key to reach on top of Google’s website.

    As we all are aware the current scenario of the web world where getting top rank of a website is not possible without proper promotion of that site and in order to achieve good ranking in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. Online Marketing Companies prefer SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Now a days SEO has become an important part of internet marketing which is a great tool to generate traffic towards the website and to improve the websites performance to achieve your marketing objectives online.