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  • Google Adwords: Let’s Detain Several Upbeat Results From Negative Keywords

    It’s pretty distressing when you don’t comprehend & things often walk off out of your control. Same thing happens with lots of PPC campaign makers when they look at the Search Query Reports (SQR) & get traumatized at the cringe keywords depleting their account.  I too have one of the guilty-pleasures. Once, I saw lots of keywords in SQR which actually entailed nothing the for campaign.

    For that reason, I thought, it’s imperative to boast list of negative keywords for your ad campaign preventing your ads to appear on SERPs when search queries contain desired keywords but are followed by undesired terms not apt for your website or business.

    Having negative keyword list is vital for any of the PPC campaigns & one should possess an entire list of negative keywords. People are often concerned with more conversions & higher clicks but they don’t even bother to mention negative keywords which are obligatory to efficiently run an Adwords campaign.