• How Google shows a hacked site
  • Search Query from another language in Google Webmasters

You might not think your site is in eyes of hackers, do not amaze on that because it is common. Large number of hackers is waiting to exploit the entire site which is available on server.

On regular basis, cyber criminals are waiting to compromise thousands of websites. We often do not recognize because hacks are hidden from users and it will harmful for site owner as well as page visitor.

One common tactics they use to hack the site is, redirecting your site link to any fake website. By this way they take advantage from your customer. If you diagnose that your sites has been hacked by hackers then fix your site problem as soon as possible.

There are 3 tips to recognize hacked content on your site:

1. Check your site, is there any Url or directory which looks suspicious. Always keep your eyes open and track the activity by performing site search of your site in Google, such as “site:example.com”.

You can also set a Google Alerts for your website.
Like [site:example.com (viagra|cialis|casino|payday loans)], your mail box will receive an email with detection of this keywords on your site.

2. Google Web Search queries (https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35252) that have returned URLs from your site, is looks suspicious. If you find that kind of situation then it is an indication of hacked content.

In this situation you will find some query from other language. Do not be panic on that wait for a while and try to understand that link it may be the spammy page in other language i.e. placed on your website.

Search Query from another language in Google Webmasters

3. In Webmaster Tools you will find the option to enable email forwarding. By the help of Google you will receive message if Google will detect that your site may be compromised.  Messages appear in Webmaster Tools Message Center and after enabling email forwarding method, you will receive email on your account. But always remember that Google will not detect all kind of hacked content but help you by notifying and with this notification you can catch the missed one.


Tips To Fix Hacked Site:

  • In security issue section Google Webmaster Tools keep you updating about the page which is hacked. Also provide the notification so that after reading this you can fix the issue of you site.
  • Cleaning hacking content will not help you more, it is better to prevent your site from being hacked. Potential hacker can hack you site by using best web management software.

Tips to prevent from hackers:

  • Always keep your software up to date.
  • If your web management software is asking for security upgrade then try to update as soon as possible.
  • If you software is managed by hosting provider, try to choose trustworthy security site provider.


Above written post will help you to fix, identify and prevent from spammers. If you find suspicious sites in Google search results, please report them using the Spam Report tool.